IKO Studio’s Stained Glass Students

Over the past year, IKO has run a number of intensive, residential courses and weekly courses. IKO studio’s stained glass students have learned the craft of stained glass and developing their skills and passion for this ancient manual craft.  During the residential courses the students come and live with us for a week, or two, have open access to the studio, join us for cooking and eating some of the great food we grow in our garden, and of course, visiting some of the historically and aesthetically beautiful places found near Orvieto. During the weekly courses, students living close by come and spend a half day, or full day working on projects over a series of several weeks, or months.

A good number of our students have never touched stained glass, and their progress over a relatively short space of time never ceases to surprise their tutor: Diego Tolomelli. This gallery shows some of the results of our students’ work.


Student Showcase