Stained Glass Roundels in Venice

My Stained Roundels Glass in Venice on show at Vitraria.
After creating a mullioned stained glass window for the hotel Nani Mocenigo Palace, I was asked to exhibit at Vitraria gallery on the first floor of the prestigious Hotel.
Vitraria is a gallery that deals with glass in all its forms and in all styles ranging from sculpture to jewelery to stained glass.
I chose to produce my stained glass designs with a reference to the glass tradition of Murano and some unique beauty then only Venice can offer. For some stained glass panels I used original rulli veneziani, spun roundels mouth blown in Murano. For the others the classical Venetian boat called Gondola e beautiful Venetian Carnival Mask and a detail of Palazzo Ca D’Oro achitecture.
To exhibit this Stained Glass Roundels in Venice we decided to create transparent acrylic stands with our own personal design.
Vitraria is located at Fondamenta Nani 960 Venice
Opening and vernissage on Friday 18th May at 6.30pm

Vitraria Nani Mocenigo

Our stained glass exhibited at Vitraria

Stained Glass Venice Gondola


Stained glass in venice depicting the tipical Venetian boat, leaded stained glass panel, hand painted with traditional glass paint and transparent enamels, stand in perspex.

Stained Glass Venice Gothic

Venetian Gothic

Stained glass panel with traditional Venetian ornament and a mouth blown glass Murano spun roundel. Leaded stained glass panel with traditional glass painting fired at hight temperatures.

Stained Glass Venice Baroque

Venetian Baroque

Stained glass panel with a beautifully detailed baroque ornament surrounding a mouth blown glass Murano spun roundel, traditional glass paint and transparent yellow enamel.

Stained Glass Venice Ca D'Oro

Ca D’Oro

Stained glass pandel inspired by the architecture of beautiful Ca D’Oro palace in Venice. Leaded stained glass panel hand painted with traditional glass painting and transparent enamels.

Stained Glass Venice Mask

Venetian Mask

Stained glass panel depicting a beautiful mask by Venice carnival, Leaded stained glass panel finely painted with traditionel glass paint and transparent enamels.

Our stained glass in Venice

Vetrata Artistica Venezia

Our Gallery

Leaded Stained Glass With Batterflies Detail