Islamic rose window

We have recently created a islamic rose window to be exhibited at the New Murano Gallery in Murano Venice.

Everything is concentrated on a beautiful mouth blown Venetian spun roundel, surrounded by geometric shapes intertwined with each other and finely painted with floral ornaments typical of Islamic art.

This stained glass is certainly one of the most complex panel we have ever made, the luxurious glass painting is entirely handmade.

The glass we used are a mix of industrial glass and mouth blown glass. The industrial glass is entirely painted with brown, white and orange traditional opaque paint, transparent enamels and silver stain. The mouth blown glass shows some transparency embellished with bubbles formed during the blowing process.

The lead work is just as elaborate, made with leads cames of different thicknesses, the diameter is 80 cm.

Images during the glass painting

Islamic Rose Window Glass Painting 1
Islamic Rose Window Glass Painting 2
Islamic Rose Window Glass Painting 3

Images during the leading

Islamic Rose Window Leading 1
Islamic Rose Window Leading 2
Islamic Rose Window Leading 3

The finished panel

Islamic Rose Window

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