Stained Glass Window commissioned design
Painted stained glass, for window shipped and installed in America
Stained glass detail of flower and leaf - Italy
IKO studio works all over the world

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Architects and interior designers

Architects and interior designers can incorporate stained glass in to a large variety of projects and contexts. IKO studio glass affords elegance, style, luxury or playfulness to your project.

Bathroom door window in Arabian style stained glass

Hand Made to Any Specification

We hand make windows of any size or shape, glass panels, light-boxes, lamps, wall lights doors and furniture details. We use the full range of glass colours and textures available on the market and encourage the use of mouth blown glass where possible.

Blue and green stained glass design with intricate glass painting - by IKO StudioWe can design collaboratively and gladly offer our expertise designing in a variety of styles in this medium. Each draft of the design or designs are hand drawn and then painted with watercolours.

For more information on the full process of realising stained glass click here.

Communicating with You

We dedicate a lot of time to making sure the design is what you want and can be made in this medium. We will communicate with you regularly during the design phase. We will also send regular photographs during the window’s creation.

Network of Artists

Our studio works closely with a network of artists and artisans who have experience collaborating together and are experienced in realising large scale projects.

Packing and Transport

All our products are carefully packed and shipped or flown to anywhere in the world in custom built containers. We can install on site or will support installation arrangements in long distance locations.

We know how important deadlines are to you, so we communicate clearly what our time requirements are and keep to the deadlines we agree.








Diego Tolomelli, stained glass artist in Nigeria installing window. Local Nigerian Workers